Premium Warehousing Services

CWC has the know-how, facilities and logistics to move your products to where they belong. We help you transport, store and deliver your goods in an efficient and cost-effective way. We take care of the warehousing so you can concentrate on sales and marketing, knowing your supply chain is in good hands.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

We help you maintain inventory levels as agreed upon with your buyers. You will never have to tell a buyer you are out of product.

Supplier Operated Managed Inventory (SOMI)

We help you customize your inventory management by providing data for your entire supply chain. Through bar codes and data capturing, we let you know your inventory levels so you can make smart decisions.

Storage: Overflow/Excess/Seasonal

We help you manage your inventory fluctuations by helping your ramp up for seasonal demand and store excess inventory when demand is lower.

Rail Access

You have complete rail access to our facilities, so you have the option of rail shipping in addition to trucking your products.


We provide end-to-end security for your supply chain. This includes checking the credentials of each company in the supply chain, validating cargo, notifying recipients when cargo is shipped, protecting cargo through locks and seals, and inspecting cargo when received. We also track shipments in transit. We provide fire alarms and smoke detectors, anti-theft alarms, and camera surveillance.

Material Handling Solutions

We utilize rack systems, conveyors, and advanced order-picking methods and technologies.


Food Grade Warehousing

We meet all the requirements for food warehousing, including frozen storage, dry storage, and refrigerated storage.

Dedicated Warehousing

We can offer you warehouse space that is reserved exclusively for your company.

Multi-Client Warehousing

Because we handle multiple clients, you only pay for the warehousing space you need. This eliminates wasted storage capacity and allows you to adjust inventory levels as demand changes.

Public Warehousing

Our public warehousing approach relieves you of the burden of maintaining and managing your own warehouses.

Contract Warehousing

You can contract with us to handle all of your shipping, receiving and storage on a long-term basis.

On Demand Warehousing

You have access to short-term space for your seasonal and sale inventory without having to shop around for warehouses with empty storage areas.

Overflow Warehousing

CWC provides you with short-term warehousing for seasonal inventory, storage of inventory to meet rapid growth demands, and temporary warehousing during relocation of your business.

Excess Warehousing

When your product supply exceeds demand, you can store excess with us until you can sell the additional goods.

Ambient Warehousing

We can ensure that your products are stored at room temperature.

Temperature Controlled Warehousing

We monitor humidity and temperature to your specifications.

Storage Solutions

Long-Term Storage

CWC can provide space for you for as long as you need it.

Short-Term Storage

Utilize our warehousing services when you need temporary space for product you plan to move quickly.

Seasonal Storage

Anticipate your peak inventory needs by booking space with us for your heaviest seasons.

Certifications & Memberships