Address 2701 S. Coliseum Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46803
Square Feet 80,750
Ceiling Height 18-25′
Dock Doors 8
Rail Doors 7
Distance to Interstate 6 miles (I-469)
21 miles (I-69)

Fort Wayne is strategically located in the I-69 corridor which runs from Indianapolis through the southern Michigan manufacturing belt and is convenient to the I-80/I-90 system. Having warehousing facilities in Fort Wayne allows for easy access to many primary markets including Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and points beyond.

The Coliseum Blvd facility is located in the International Park complex and provides outstanding opportunities for client partners with industrial related supply chain requirements. Large pallets, crates, rolls, bundles, rods and bags of products are processed, stored, shipped and reported utilizing state of the art processes and follows the guidelines of our client partners. A significant portion of the activity through the Coliseum facility incorporates the use of rail in or out.

Cross docking of material with returns of racks, cages and bins provides client partners the opportunity to maximize their transportation and space requirements.

CWC Transportation is headquartered in this facility and provides outstanding specialized service to our clients. One call does it all for those supply chain partners who are managing production cycles to coincide with the daily shipping requirements of their customers, who CWC ultimately serves. Subsequently, CWC Transportation is frequently involved with non-standard delivery operations to meet emergency deliveries, regardless of the cause or operational requirements. Additionally, all major TL and LTL carriers are located in the area including the NS Thoroughbred service. NS, as well as new regional carriers like Rail America. Fort Wayne International Airport is a growing air hub and is attracting new businesses that are looking for uncongested intermodal capabilities.

Daily, weekly and monthly coordination, reporting and auditing functions are completed with the current client focusing on external and internal KPI’s and standard operational processes. Detailed reporting is provided by Maves WMS and includes a full menu of Crystal Reports products.

Fort Wayne Economic Development