CWC El Paso Distribution Center
11970 Pellicano Drive
El Paso, TX  79936

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Ceiling Hight


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Distance to Interstate

miles (I 10), miles (I 24) 2 miles (I 24)

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The El Paso – Juarez region is situated midway along the 2,000 miles of the United States and the Republic of Mexico international border in Texas and New Mexico. This major metropolitan area has a combined population of 2 million people and enjoys a bicultural atmosphere unique to any other area. The regional economy is interdependent and interlocked and has prospered with the advent of NAFTA.

Maquiladoras host a wide array of manufacturing plants in El Paso supports the warehousing and distribution of goods to and from the warehousing facilities located there. Apparel, consumer electronics, automotive components, medical devices, plastics and injection molding are examples of manufacturing industries that also require distribution & supply chain support.

CWC Logistics entered the El Paso market to expand our warehousing and distribution presence with existing clients that we served in other locations. Our El Paso distribution services include shipping and receiving products between entities on both sides of the border and we are strategic supply chain components of the clients located there.

Daily, weekly and monthly coordination, reporting and auditing functions are completed with the current clients focusing on external and internal KPI’s and standard operational processes.