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Performance improves when CWC gets its "Hands-On" your logistics challenges. By taking advantage of the resources, knowledge and experience provided by CWC, our clients are consistently lowering their cost of doing business, while giving them a vital competitive advantage.

As one of America's premier supply chain management firms, CWC Logistics specializes in both traditional and leading edge services, as well as the information support our clients need to more effectively serve their customers in marketplaces that grow more sophisticated, and more demanding, every day.
Columbus, OH
El Paso, TX
Fort Wayne, IN
Fort Wayne, IN
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Nashville, TN

CWC support provides the kind of operational and facilities flexibility that efficiency-minded companies need to give full range to their most innovative marketing ideas. No longer does an aggressive growth plan have to be abandoned, or delayed, just because there was no way to implement the critical distribution portion. No matter what your plan requires, CWC, a third party logistics provider, can always find a way to get it done.

A team that's always there,
but only "On the Clock"
when you need them

Distribution Logistics has become too large a factor in your company's success to be put into the hands of anyone but true logistics professionals.

CWC operates warehousing facilities across the United States, and possesses expertise in bringing new operations on line quickly. Each facility specializes in providing unique Warehousing Logistics and Packaging Specialties Services, but all CWC services are available at all locations. Clients can "mix and match" services to create individualized programs that meet their specific needs, regardless of locale.

A CWC client pays only for the Supply Chain Management services they use. This capability can dramatically reduce payroll and benefits costs, as well as limit the physical assets that have to be devoted to distribution support. The net result is a more flexible and effective logistics program based on greater value and service to each partner and their customers.

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Operating Nearly Two Million Square Feet Nationwide



18 Managers
20 Supervisors
32 Data Entry & Clerical Support
387 Material Handlers
153 Packaging
15 Transportation & Trucking
3 Information Technology

628 Total Team Members


Systems: Maves Warehouse Management


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