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CWC currently provides highly acclaimed Supply Chain Management services to major corporations that have high volume, high velocity, complex, value-added logistics requirements to enhance the sales and marketing efforts. CWC achieves quality supply chain management performance by measuring and reporting standards unique to each client and then manages the warehouse logistics process to create continuous improvement solutions. The outstanding execution of supply chain management activities is a given in today's competitive Third Party Logistics environment and is the foundation of all of CWC's short term deliverables and long term supply chain goals.
Supply Chain Management

The base of our logistics company’s culture, "DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!" is critical to this endeavor.

Indianapolis Warehousing Logistics Services

CWC's vision for controlled growth is predicated on finding new strategic supply chain opportunities in geographic areas that are important to our new partners, while expanding our opportunities with existing clients. The industries served are not as important as the logistics functions provided to meet each client's supply chain requirements. Key elements will include our customers' customers and the velocity for moving products throughout the total supply chain enterprise. New functionality, including but not limited to "vendor-managed inventory," RFID, delayed packaging solutions, JIT deliveries, specialized QA projects and a variety of customer compliance requirements are available to meet short term supply chain management requirements and long term client goals.

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