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Large enough to do it all.

Small enough to care about doing it right.

CWC routinely provides its clients with outstanding Supply Chain Management benefits; a no-excuse approach to delivering the Distribution Logistics service the customer deserves, time after time, every time. At all levels, CWC's staff is trained to understand and appreciate the difference between just getting a job done, and doing it in a way that will enhance the client's Distribution Logistics. The entire CWC organization holds itself accountable for each client's satisfaction with every aspect of CWC’s Third Party Logistics service.
This high level of concern and dedication to accomplishment, is also demonstrated by every member of the CWC team when working to satisfy each client's specific needs. Utilizing a flat organizational structure, CWC is able to maintain an exceptionally high level of efficiency. Line personnel are empowered to implement what they've been trained, without waiting for approvals from absentee managers who would lack the benefit of first-hand, job-site knowledge. The CWC client knows, at all times, "what's going on." Computerized information services keep clients informed and in control at all times. CWC manages all service activities through timely, accurate analysis and reporting. Whether adopting the client's internal management information processes, or applying its in-house Maves Multi-Client WMS, CWC maintains the information flow required by today's changing markets.
Typical Internal & External Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Packages per Man-Hour
Pounds per Man-Hour
Line Items per Man-Hour
Transactions per Man-Hour
Hours Worked vs. Budgeted
Inventory Accuracy
Error Free Administration
Order Dwell (Cycle) Time
On-Time Shipping Accuracy
Inventory Turns
Attendance / Overtime
Safety Incidents
Error PPM
Location Accuracy


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